What not to mention in your profile

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Tips for first message in online dating
August 8, 2017
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In era of Internet, everything is available online today. And one of the most important thing that internet has provided is the option of online dating.

There are of thousands of online dating websites available. Millions of people use these sites to find a date for them. This is done with the help of profile users make on these sites. People check out the profile of the interesting person and can send interest or can send message.

Here are some points you should take care of while making your profile- 

  1. Never lie- Never lie about yourself while chatting to the person. Yes, you can lie very easily while you are behind the computer but the other person gonna find out the truth when you will meet him/her in personal which will definitely give a very negative impression of you.
  2. Don’t be too idealist-Writing down your expectation regarding your partner is good things but expecting too much won’t help. Write only those things which are practically possible and that too with in a limit. Like asking for non smoker, positive attitude and animal loving person sort of things can work but things like should be a rich, beautiful like an angel sort of things would not be good.
  3. Beware of extreme opinions- Sometimes it is better not to tell everything about yourself. No, it is not contradictory to the first point. Don’t tell things about which you don’t have idea. Like some things that can piss you off but you don’t know the reason behind it. Things like men in skinny jeans irritate you and want girls with metal music taste etc. These things can irritate the other person.
  4. Too many details not required- You can basic information about yourself. Things likes about you, your likes, interest, job description etc. can help you. You don’t need to share your whole life story. Don’t share things like your past relationships, reasons of break up, family problems etc.
  5. Take help of friends- If you have close girl-friend (just friend), share your profile and ask for her advice and help. Ask her to tell what she would like in a profile of her date.






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