Tips for first message in online dating

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June 30, 2017
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In the 21st century technology has totally reduced the human effort in every field. Weather it is studying, playing, working, dating or anything. with the growth of internet and digitization of the world, almost everything is available on the internet today. One of the biggest change that internet has brought is in the dating field.

The way of dating has also change, with the advancement of the internet. Today you can find a date from your home. There are thousands of dating sites on the internet on which you can meet millions of people and can chat and can go out on date with that person.

This post is about what and how you should send your first message to a person you met online. Because your first message does impact on your personality and what the other person thinks of you. So here are some tips which can be helpful for you.

Complete your profile- One of the most important thing to do is to complete your profile. Anyone who will receive a message from you, will look out for your profile for more information about you. So make sure that your profile is complete with interesting information about you and keep a good looking profile picture.

Use a neat subject line- This is something which you need to take care of but should not panic about. Have a decent and neat subject line. You just need to avoid any cheap or desperate type of words or lines.

Use their name-  I have read on a site that people love to hear their name in a conversation, weather it is a two people conversation or more than two people. When you take other person’s name in the conversation, it makes him/her feel warm.

Talk about him/her- Talking about the other person plays an important role in the conversation. Tell the person what you find interesting about him/her in their profile. Like talking about the how beautiful his/her profile picture is or something you find funny in the profile.

Ask questions- Asking questions can keep your conversation interesting. These questions can be regarding to their interest, hobbies, favorites, work related etc.

Short but brief- Try to make your first message short but brief. Around 100 words would be good enough for first message. It can include compliment, a common thing, to say what caught your eyes about his/her profile. Try to make your message in way that it would lead a question.






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