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While we wait virtual reality to invade our living spaces and lives, we are all going crazy for Videochat. There are countless amounts of so differently created Videochat right now on the web, that at initial glance it is basically impossible even to try to identify which are the first best twenty of them. Videochat made mental everyone all over the world. Since their first appearance almost ten years ago, we are now overwhelmed by brands, names and typologies. The three dimensional effects are still to come, but already Videochat can make us feel less lonely by taking a second person directly on our devices screens, in front of our own while listening the beauty of someone else voices. Things that were considered pure fantasy years ago, visible only in futuristic Hollywood movies, have become nowadays the daily bread and butter of our life style. Enchanting our senses with live real images streamed in high definition and correlated by the greatness of a stereo sound, Videochat take us away from the boring sad side of each one routine and bring us into a parallel reality made of dreams, where no borders or limits are settled or visualized.

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To identify the best Videochat there are many different values that were to us presented to be considered and been brought to our attention to be analysed specifically. We started selecting to major groups: A free and B premium. Here the difference is made by the possibility to access a Videochat and join it without the need to pay any membership, or the ones that required, usually only for male users, the need to purchase a pass. Attention to do not make mistakes here: the ones that belong to the first group are indeed offering limited services in comparison with the ones included in the second group. Not all Videochat are the same, and not all of them are suitable for everyone, but this first raw share may start to identify them easily. Giving you the immediate idea of which may be the most suitable for your taste.

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Work related issues, complications at school, family matters, et. et. All those troubles are familiar to everyone, independently of our social level, cultural background, sex or age. We are constantly under pressure and stress is our main enemy. Videochat, but not only, can be a very useful tool to release much of the negative energy accumulated during the twenty-four hours of our day. Videochat does that softly, letting us forger for a while where we are and with who we share life. New friends, flirts or even romantic moments, just clicks away, in a closed environment, where real names, occupation or family status do no matter. Videochat is a playground where all problems can be left behind a closed door. This is not a definitive solution, but can easily be used as a momentarily simple placebo to avoid the accumulation of high levels of negativeness.